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About Sydenham House

Introducing Sydenham House Apartments, a captivating collection of homes situated in the heart of Plaistow. These residences redefine the essence of city living by combining design with everyday functionality. Each apartment exudes an elegance providing an practical living environment. With attention, to detail Sydenham House Apartments epitomize the blend of comfort and style, for urban dwellers.

Unmatched Quality & Design

The Sydenham House Apartments have established a benchmark, for excellence and style. Every home showcases aesthetics and exceptional artistry completely reimagining the concept of sophistication, in city dwellings.

Exceptional Amenities

Residents of Sydenham House Apartments enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle, with access to amenities. From shared areas, to cutting edge fitness facilities these amenities cater to a range of preferences creating a lively and inclusive community.

Prime Location

Sydenham House Apartments are perfectly located in the heart of Plaistow offering access, to everything you need. With transportation hubs, shopping centers, great dining options and exciting entertainment venues nearby living here means enjoying an convenient lifestyle.

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Luxurious Living Spaces

Sydenham House combines end accommodations, with convenient retail spaces creating a seamless blend that offers residents easy access, to essential amenities and services. This integration ensures an living experience.

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Sydenham House Apartments

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Nearby Amenities at Sydenham House Apartments in Plaistow

Living at Sydenham House Apartments offers not just luxurious residences but also the convenience of essential amenities within close proximity. Experience the ease of access to various facilities and services that enhance your everyday life:


Khatri Sports (0.1 mile)

Restaurants & Cafes

The Boleyn Tavern (0.3 mile)


Samson Street (Stop T) (0.1 mile)


Plaistow Park (0.5 mile)


Southern Road Primary School (0.1 mile)


Plaistow Hospital (1 mint- 30 ft)


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Why Invest in Sydenham House Apartments at Plaistow?

Investing in Sydenham House Apartments offered by Estate Agents goes beyond owning a property; it guarantees an urban lifestyle. These apartments exude elegance, by combining design with practicality. Strategically positioned in Plaistow this investment ensures convenience with access to transportation, entertainment and shopping centers. The blend of living spaces and nearby amenities makes it an appealing choice for investors seeking real estate. Estate Agents at Sydenham House Apartments not promise a place to live. Also provide a modern and convenient urban lifestyle presenting a profitable investment opportunity, in the heart of Plaistow.

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Property Management

Property Management

To rest assured your property is safe and secure, you need true professionals. Our estate agents Plaistow offer all-inclusive property management services for your peace of mind.