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About Paynter House

Paynter House, the estate agents is proud to introduce an private retreat, in the neighborhood of Plaistow. These designed apartments redefine city living by blending beauty, with practicality seamlessly. Situated in the heart of Plaistow these homes provide a sanctuary that embodies both urban sophistication and functionality.

Unmatched Quality & Design

Experience the ultimate in living at Paynter House. These residences are meticulously designed with attention to detail showcasing architecture and high end finishes. Each apartment embodies luxury and comfort providing a sanctuary in the heart of the city.

Exceptional Amenities

Residents of Paynter House have the privilege of enjoying a range of amenities that have been carefully planned and created to cater to modern lifestyles. From designed shared spaces, for socializing to fitness facilities intended to energize every detail of living is customized to enhance the experience of residents.

Prime Location

Located in the neighborhood of Plaistow Paynter House Apartments provide an urban living experience. Residents can enjoy the convenience of access, to transportation, renowned restaurants, exciting entertainment options and a variety of shopping destinations. The apartments offer a balance, between the hustle and bustle of city life and a tranquil retreat.

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Luxurious Living Spaces

The seamless blend of end spaces and nearby retail establishments creates a truly urban lifestyle. Residents benefit from convenience with all their daily needs a few steps away enhancing their overall quality of life.

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Paynter House Apartments

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Nearby Amenities at Paynter House Apartments in Plaistow

Living at Paynter House Apartments offers not just luxurious residences but also the convenience of essential amenities within close proximity. Experience the ease of access to various facilities and services that enhance your everyday life:


The Who Shop - Upton Park (0.2 mile)

Restaurants & Cafes

De Cafe Lounge & De biryani Lounge (0.2 mile)


Upton Park / Priory Road (Stop Q) (0.1 mile)


Central Park (0.7 mile)


Southern Road Primary School (0.5 mile)


Plaistow Hospital (0.5 mile)



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Tenant Relations and Communication

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Why Invest in Paynter House Apartments at Plaistow?

Investing in Paynter House Apartments located in the community of Plaistow offers an opportunity, for smart investors. These designed apartments provide more than luxurious living spaces; they represent a wise investment in a thriving neighborhood. With its location and impressive amenities Plaistow attracts a demand for rental properties. The seamless combination of style and practicality appeals to tenants looking for urban living. Additionally the areas ongoing development projects and convenient access to transportation hubs make it an attractive choice, for property investment. Choosing Estate Agents Paynter House Apartments not ensures a lifestyle but also positions you well in the flourishing Plaistow real estate market.

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Our estate agents Plaistow know how to position your property to attract the right interest and use proven strategies to drive up interest and secure profitable outcomes. 



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Property Management

Property Management

To rest assured your property is safe and secure, you need true professionals. Our estate agents Plaistow offer all-inclusive property management services for your peace of mind.