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About Dev House in Plaistow

Introducing Dev House, a residential complex located on Balaam Street, in Plaistow, London. This remarkable establishment showcases 21 flats apartments thoughtfully crafted to offer residents comfort and convenience. Dev House embodies the essence of living providing an elegant lifestyle, in the vibrant heart of Plaistow.

Architecture & Design

Dev House serves as an example of contemporary architecture seamlessly integrating into the vibrant cityscape of Plaistow. Its captivating design effortlessly combines practicality, with appeal featuring finishes, clean lines and meticulously designed living spaces. Every apartment, in Dev House embodies sophistication. Has been carefully curated to provide a perfect balance of style and usability.

Amenities & Facilities

Dev House revolutionizes the concept of luxury living by providing a range of cutting edge amenities and facilities. From spaces, to contemporary fitness centers residents have access to a wide array of exclusive features meticulously crafted to elevate their overall well being. The establishment offers a concierge service, secure parking facilities and exquisitely landscaped areas all contributing to a seamless and elevated living experience, for every resident.

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Luxurious Living

Dev House represents the epitome of living where each apartment is thoughtfully crafted to provide the level of comfort and sophistication. The interiors showcase finishes, top notch fixtures and designed layouts that create a serene and elegant atmosphere. Residents enjoy a lifestyle, within these curated spaces.

Nearby Amenities at Dev House in Plaistow

Convenience meets luxury at Dev House. Situated in an ideal location, residents enjoy easy access to an array of amenities just moments away from their doorstep:


Explore a variety of retail outlets including Tesco Express and Sainsbury's Local, a mere 5-minute walk from Dev House.

Restaurants & Cafes

The Balaam Kitchen and Cafe Bianco, situated within a 10-minute stroll from Dev House.


Benefit from excellent connectivity with Plaistow Tube Station just 0.3 miles away.


Revel in the tranquility of Thames Barrier Park, a picturesque green space located within a 20-minute drive from Dev House


Portway Primary School and Plaistow's Learning Centre, both within a 10 to 15-minute walk from Dev House.


Newham University Hospital just a short distance away, approximately 1.5 miles from Dev House.

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Why Invest in Dev House at Plaistow

Investing in Dev House, a real estate property located on Balaam Street, in Plaistow offers an opportunity in the real estate scene of the area. This property not serves as a residence. Also presents itself as a strategic investment. With its design and excellent location Dev House guarantees both appeal and long term value. Its proximity to transportation links, essential services and numerous amenities nearby adds to its allure. Considering the growing demand for living spaces Dev House becomes a prospect for investors looking for high returns, in Plaistows rapidly expanding property market.